Seeking Treatment for Infertility: A Therapist's Perspective, by Michelle Reyes, LCSW

Hugs, chocolate, lots of chocolate, my incredible spouse, and a few close friends who had been through it. They'd remind me that no matter the outcome, I'd create my happily ever after. I thrived on these things in the midst of my infertility treatment. My friends and family celebrated with me through days of hope, and supported me in moments of discouragement, and frustration. Yet, there were times that I still felt alone.

Infertility is a funny thing. You're told at your first consult with the fertility specialist that 1 in 3 couples face some sort of infertility, yet it feels so vastly isolating. Yes, there are other patients at the clinic. Yes, you have heard about your cousin or aunt who went through IVF. Yes, your close friend adopted a wonderful little boy. And, you have a friend at work who braved her way through the grief of a miscarriage, and went on to have a family. But it wasn't supposed to be your story.

After that initial diagnosis, during treatment, and while waiting for results, your fertility clinic will do an absolutely fantastic job caring for your physical needs (isn't it amazing what they can do? Every day within the walls of that clinic, they're creating life. What was once impossible, unachievable life!). They'll continuously monitor your raging hormone levels, they'll know the latest batting average for your uterus at any given time, and will keep a steady eye on that bloat that they will repeatedly remind you is 100% normal (and totally unfair). And on top of all that, they'll have every detail of your husband's sperm breakdown as well. All this to say, they'll know you pretty darn well. But, there's another side to you that will go untouched.

Infertility hits emotionally on just about every level and causes immense stress for even the most well-adjusted patient. You'll find yourself having to develop awkward answers to innocent questions from friends and relatives. You'll face mountains of unanticipated medical bills. And you'll be forced into a situation where you discover that you and your partner grieve and process in entirely different ways. Infertility will rock you to the core of your emotional being, and that being often gets left untreated.

At A Center for Mental Wellness, I am eager to help you treat the emotional side of infertility as well. It's easy to tuck away the massive feelings hiding just under the surface (after all, who has the time for addressing them when you're consumed by daily blood draws and injections?!). But it's not healthy. Through our Infertility Support Program, let us help you process those stresses, and build the tools that you need to better cope, no matter what your outcome.